Does your financial plan sometimes feel like this? 

Numberly is the simple yet powerful financial plan designed for the busy startup founder.

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We know what it's like. 

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Why startups use Numberly

Validate the strength of your business through solid financial plans fit for fundraising, forecasting and daily operations. Numberly helps you think about your business from all angles, allowing you to identify blind spots you often didn’t even realize you had.



Raise money more effectively by having easily adjustable financial projections that investors will love.



Discover the levers you can pull to grow your business faster and easily answer “what if” questions.



Stay on top of your cash and hand off a single page to your accountant for monthly reporting.



Create easy progress reports for all stakeholders by having presentation-ready KPIs.


How it works

100% Happiness Guarantee: Our #1 priority is your happiness. If you are unhappy with our product, we'll refund you 100%.*

Follow these five easy steps to get your financial model.


Schedule a video call to determine whether we're the right fit for you



Get your tailored financial game plan within seven days



Ask us anything or request tweaks to the financial game plan


4. PAY

Pay for your financial game plan, protected by our 100% Happiness Guarantee*


5. USE



Receive your final version and make better decisions moving forward


Hear from startups that went before you.

Don't just take our word for it.

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"We were very lucky to come across Numberly!"


Ahmed El Gamal, Founder LinkBox (Ed-Tech startup)



Headaches from deciphering Excel sheets no one can understand

Losing time and energy on trying to make a financial plan yourself

Frustration and uncertainty from wondering if you did everything right



Feeling confident about the model and raising your probability of success 

Making better decisions informed by metrics used by other startups like you

Spending time on focusing on what you do best: running your core business


Imagine running the financial side of your business without stress.

Get answers to important questions.

Example insights that we're helping early stage startups uncover.


Pre-Seed startups

"Do the numbers make sense to further invest in this idea?"

"How much revenue could I potentially make with this?"

"How long would it take for the business to hit break-even?"


Seed startups

"What should I do if this funding round closes three months later?"

"Where will I be on cash if I only get half the customers I expected?"

"How can I plan for different situations that are likely to happen?"

What's inside the Financial Game Plan?

Watch this quick video to see a sample of the Financial Game Plan.

Meet Numberly

Three reasons why startups love us.



You've got other things to focus your time and attention on. Zero finance or Excel skills required.



The financial model is based on an understanding of how your startup is built and how it could grow further.


You can model anything, but shouldn't try to model everything. Receive it pre-populated with suggested metrics for startups like you.


About Us

The team behind Numberly.

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For the past decade, I've been helping startups, scale-ups, and corporates harmonize the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and their business strategy. 


Along the way, I learned two things:  1. Companies face predictable challenges, but in isolation from other businesses.

2. They know what they want, but not how to get there quickly.


Avoid preventable mistakes and walk the most optimal path to success with us.

Meet Dr. Yen


As a serial entrepreneur, former JP Morgan banker, and CFO, I bring a mix of practical lived experience and professional practice to Numberly. 


Talking to founders to better understand their perspective as we build their financial game plans, I have learned first hand how important simplicity and ease of use is for them,  because they’re just too busy either avoiding death or trying to grow their business.


Meet Monica


I have been a senior strategy leader for almost 30 years both as a consultant, and in Director positions in multi-national businesses. With financial modelling playing an important role in developing business plans, assessing new ideas, and mitigating risks, I appreciate the value of a simple to use, yet comprehensive model.

Founders and their teams can use these powerful tools to make the best real-time decisions, communicate with investors, and raise the value of their business. 

We embed this "Simple, yet capable" idea into every aspect of numberly’s product development, ensuring that we prioritize user experience and value delivery above all else.

Meet John

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As a former CEO and COO specializing in tech innovation, I’ve led many amazing teams over the past 30 years, helping them to grow and develop ideas into successful businesses. 


On countless occasions, our teams needed a useful, flexible financial game plan to help guide and inform our decision-making and now I can leverage all those learnings to help numberly make a real difference to founders on their path to success.

Meet Dr. Pete


Allow us to help you make sure that all the numbers work out.

We're so confident that you'll love it that we offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee.


Financial Game Plan


Save valuable time & effort through this one-time investment.


This offer includes:​

- A personal consultation to understand your needs 

- Recommended metrics for startups like you

- A follow-up for questions and final tweak requests 

- The full power of a dynamic and sophisticated model, made simple and easy to use 

- A customized financial game plan delivered in Excel format 

- 100% Happiness Guarantee: Full refund if not satisfied 


Get your Financial Game Plan ranging between USD $800 to USD $2000+*

*Pricing depends on required model complexity. You will receive a final quote during the Lightning Consult.


Interested in this offer? Schedule a free Lightning Consult (15 mins) with us here


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find your question? Feel free to drop us a message at

General questions

What is Numberly?

Numberly is a simple financial planning tool that lets busy startup founders flexibly create and manage the important metrics they need to make the best decisions for their business.

Who is behind Numberly?

Numberly was founded by four people all of whom have experienced first hand, but from very different perspectives, the challenges startup founders face with their financial plan. Between us, we have experienced being startup founders ourselves, led businesses charged with creating and maturing ambitious startup projects, worked closely with startups to help deliver their plans, and been a core part of leadership teams responsible for large mult-national accelerators.

What is your policy on data privacy?

First and foremost we treat all client data as confidential. It is not used in any way in any other work Numberly does. Where Numberly is exposed to data that may be classified as personal data, we conform to the provisions of the EU GDPR.

What is your policy on data security?

We take cyber security very seriously. All client data is saved in a cloud environment using uses strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Data in transit is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to protect the data and prevent interception. We use Two-Factor Authentication on devices used to work with client data. No public access computers are ever used.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the financial model?

This has never happened before, but we aren’t complacent! Our first and last points in our engagement to build a model is to talk with you. We stay close to you throughout the process and so feel confident you will be delighted with the output. We are so confident that will be the case that we offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee, which means you'll get a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied.

How long does it take to get a financial model?

We work quickly alongside its clients. The time taken to deliver a financial gameplan is typically less than one week. This can be shorter or occasionally longer, depending on the availability of data needed to create it.

What if I need your help to update the model later?

No problem! We are here to help you as your business grows and evolves. Our subscription model gives you access to numberly should you need help iterating your gameplan. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you “to drive”, but we will provide you with support, advice, and changes should you need them, regardless of how often.

What kind of startups do you usually help?

We have helped startups in a broad range of market sectors spanning for example food and beverage, transport, and retail using B2B, B2C and B2B2C approaches. Often we help SaaS businesses covering a very wide range of applications. Our clients are usually pre Series A. Sometimes they have a revenue stream, but not always. What makes all Numberly’s clients similar is the founder wants support to create a financial gameplan that is simple and can be used in the real world without being a distraction from running their business and realising their vision.

Model Questions

Can I get visual graphs of my projections?

Visual charts are provided as a standard feature of the model. These charts will be relevant to what you need based on what you tell us.

Can I track and change my assumptions easily?

You can track and change all your assumptions, save different versions, scenario plan and experiment with different growth, funding, and cost options - all from the one control panel.

Can I do scenario analyses or sensitivity analyses?

Scenario modelling and sensitivity is built into the model to help you shape your business as optimally as possible and then allow you to change those simulations as you need to.

How do I make changes to the model?

Your model will be custom built for your business. Changes to the parameters within the model are all easily changed and managed by you. If your business materially changes, for example, you start a B2B channel as well as a B2C channel, we can update the model’s engine to give you this functionality and feature set.

Which skills do I need to use the model?

The model is designed to be simple to use, and relevant and contextual your business. The only data you need to enter are your assumptions or targets, and if you have it actual historical data you may wish to include, that’s it. There is a guide to help you with this and we are on hand should you need us.

What if I make mistakes in the model?

Mistakes at some point are inevitable, but don’t worry, was long as you stick to the control panel data entry only, the issue can most likely easily be undone. If you’re completely stuck, we are here to help.